Embroidery has been around for hundreds of years and it always has a professional and classic look & feel to it. Embroidery is more expensive than a standard print but it is longer lasting and looks great on most garments. If you are unsure on how your logo should be created, send us your design to together@urbanidentity.co.uk and we can check the best way for you. We would also need to see the design before giving any quotes.

You can also fill out an enquiry form about your order below.

Our embroidery process

- First we need to vectorise and/or digitise the design that is sent by the customer. For this service we charge a £20 + VAT fee.

- Then we work out the total cost by measuring the stitch count. The cost of the embroidery depends on how many stitches it will take to create your design. This is why we need to see your design before we can give a quote.

- We need to then make the image readable by the machines software.

- A sample will be created and we will add or take away layers to create different outcomes. Once the artwork is confirmed we approve it for production.

- The garment is then placed on to the frame on the machine and once the machine is set up we can begin embroidering.

Our turnaround for embroidery is normally 10 working days once the artwork has been approved. Collection is free but we do charge a delivery fee which varies depending on the weight of the package.

We have a minimum job charge of £50 + VAT, plus the digitisation fee. So if you are looking to get only a small amount of garments with your logo on, print may be more cost effective for you.

Click here to find out more on print.

Email us for a quote!

If you would like us to embroider your design, please send it to us by email to together@urbanidentity.co.uk. Add as much information as you can, such as the size logo you want, how many garments you need and exactly where you would like the embroidery to go. We will then create a quote for you and prepare artwork so you can see how the design will look before it is produced.

If you have any questions call us on 0330 058 3346.

You can also fill out a form about your enquiry.


Mock Embroidery

Mock embroidery is a printed image with an embroidered effect. It’s a great money saver because you're not paying for the threads and the process of embroidering it on our machines. It's a great modern & retro mix, keeping the classic embroidery style in a modern type print. It's fairly uncommon & unheard-of if you want to be different and attract attention to your brand we would highly suggest this method.

We do have a set up charge to digitise the design. This process is what makes the image look like it is embroidered. Then it is printed using our digital printer. Here are some images of mock embroidery.

If you have any questions on mock embroidery send an email to together@urbanidentity.co.uk or call us on 0330 058 3346.