Have you ever asked yourself this question?

‘How can I develop my own branded clothing without tying up large amounts of money in pre-bought stock?’

Well we have the answer for you!

We offer a solution where we can fulfil your needs with your branded clothing. We can help you avoid the charges to manage and operate your own ecommerce site so that you can concentrate on marketing your own brand. Below are the options available to you.

Option 1.

We create, maintain and update your branded (white label) ecommerce webpage, with links direct from/to your website. Set up is £120 + vat and monthly fee is £20 + vat, minimum contract 12 months, this covers up to 10 product/print changes.

Option 2.

You have your own ecommerce website (using products we can obtain from our suppliers) and have all orders directed to Urban Identity to fulfil.

Option 3.

You have your own non-ecommerce website but with all your products listed then have the new product purchase aspect fulfilled by Urban Identity. £120 + VAT set up, plus £5 + VAT per product, for any future change or addition. Or pay £20 + VAT per month on a 12 month contract and get up to 10 changes.

·         Client can select products they want to sell from the catalogues of our product suppliers.


·         We will charge for a minimum of 20 prints per size/design/colour version and hold them in stock until used. The initial order will have set up fees/screen charges.


·         Embroidered badges - Min 50. Woven badges – min 100


·         Stock will be ordered in by us from our supplier based on orders received. It is sold at a price that the client sets, and we deduct our charge, agreed in advance for supplying the item and applying prints.


·         If client wants own branded packaging, badges, labelling etc then that is agreed in advance and will have to be purchased in advance.


·         We will handle shipment that will be charged for as agreed in advance (or client can absorb cost in product sale price if they prefer).


·         You can buy bulk up front and in advance if you wish. This enable you to sell directly public, e.g. at events.


·         Anything requiring direct embroidery will require products being bought in advance.


·         Avoids merchant acquirer fees and contracts.

If you are interested in our complete fulfilment service please contact us by email or phone.

Tel: 0330 058 3346

Email: together@urbanidentity.co.uk